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Jeff Teck- A Most Unfortunate Story part 1

I started out young being treated as a scape goat, you could really say I was a door mat, all way's expecting my mother to help me. Or o a while my brother would help me out.  I think also my large size kept me out of trouble, but what ever you said, I was off to a rough start. I all way's wanted to be excepted, and also wanted to know more about God and our purpose for life. I sought the answers to questions like that. As a large kid I couldn't seem to ever have a girl friend, and in that way, I grew up rather lonely. God was good to me to give me very warm friendships growing up there was Jimmy, who's parents decided we couldn't play know more, and David Who's parents were much more down to earth.  My best friend growing up was my best friend Jeff, his parents also decided I wasn't good enough, but that didn't stop us.  We went everywhere together, and to this day I thank God for his friendship. Many of our peers would tell him I'm not good enough