The Tirents First Watch, Life Under My Beloved Ex Brother In Law


The understanding of what my X Brother inlaw will do during his First Watch.

It is with great sadness that I introduce to you what my feelings are on this. 

I lived with him for a good many years, he tortured me as to say, he wouldn't shut up, and would like to brain wash me into being what he said I was.

to this day i can still hear his voice, bold and proud, not willing to let you naturally be who you were.

He used this on our mother, and he really did a number on his son.

He lives in darkness or so it would seem, always looking for the next conn.

Even know he goes to my homeless shelter turning everyone against me, if I should get a job he'll call and come over untill he's ruined that for me to, he stalks me like prey, so many times I've given myself up for dead, He wont stop, he's trying to kill me, and theirs know easy way to turn.

I would like to know my kids, he'll kill me first. Before The Network, I brought the message, He got everything, it's all about money and greed, and the shallow notion that He's the only one who matters.

He got everything and know he seeks my death, I can't go anywhere.

And yes he's very much alive, there were witnesses. coroners who took the body, the 32 or so who came by the house. Not to mention the open casket, where from what I understand, e didn't look any better then the day they removed him from the house, like a cover up, it wasn't him.

So what poor soul had to die so he could get his clean slate.

I suppose I'm his next victim, watch out for this guy.

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