Spooky Tucson Cemetery Stories

Tucson Cemetery Spookiness, If you start in from FT Lowell and head west into the cemetery, there is a place where the trees become twice as dense.

That's why I put up a video on haunted places, not mine. there you have many of Tucson own Satanic Elite buried, the illuminate, and some say there's a real bonafide Vampire buried back there.

Photos and video are off limits in a cemetery. Big fines can be leveled.

I was listening to a guy on the bus talk, him and some Friends went into the cemetery to party with 40oz , and two cops turned on there lights and told them being in the cemetery after hours wasn't Allowed and told them about the $800.00 dollar fine, and let them go with a warning.

Another crazy thing was the super monsoon of 1996, when bodies stated floating around at the Cemetery due to excess flooding.

I put up this video not wanting to get fined for going back there.

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